▲Business Model▲
Technology + Efficiency + Transparency = Future!
The name MINING GROUP represents  a sustainable and transparent business  model in  the  branch of Cryptocurrency-Minings and and raise the claim to handle all business activities  in an ethic and moralic correct manner, as well to inform the clients with correctness about benefits and penalties on every fact of their business modell. All business activities are framed within any regular business- and law specifications needed.
▼InterGroup PLC▼
▼Handover / BuyOut▼
▼Trainings Center▼
▲Financial Controlling▲
▲Financial Auditor▲
▲Community Audit▲
Mining or a fairy tale? Somehow or similar the situation on mining-markets could be described.
Especially here you'll find a lot of obscure business models claiming to do mining, but only showing up with results far, far away from reality but truly only beeing another *Ponzi*-Pyramid-Snowball-System reallocating money.
So, how you can be clearified, that this is not the same within the MINING GROUP?
The simple answer is: Monitoring and Disclosure by clients and partners!
▼Cash Flow▼
Monitoring and Disclosure by clients & partners!
▼Company Funding▼
▲NO own Mining-Farm▲
▲Shares Purchase▲
▲Mining Results▲
Shares  at 0.0001 BTC instead  expensive Hashpower:
▼Funding Account▼
▼Share Expiry▼
▼Credit Booking▼
With Shares on a Community-Pool -  from which Hardware resources will be bought from diffent distributors - different Cryptocurrencies will be mined,  exchanged to Bitcoin and distributed to all the shareholders among their shares.
50% of income can only be used for repurchasing new shares while the other 50% are withdrawable to any Bitcoin wallet at any time
(regarding the withdrawal limits).
Affiliate Programm
A significant part of the MINING GROUP business model is the Affiliate- or Partnerprogram.
This is a 6-Level Unilevel model, combined with a Sponsor-pool. even if there are 'obly' 6 Levels, there will be continous earnings through repurchasing of Mining-Shares passing up from deeper levels.
▼Partner- / Extra-Earnings▼
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